Ria (honeydrug) wrote,


Okay, so LJ CUT is being a BIATCH right now..for the whole day so..
here it is ^^

I'm thinking about getting a couple things and I was wondering anyone would be interested in joining an Tokyo Alice GO? Hopefully the items we want wont clash ^^;;
Just wanted to know if there would be potentially enough interest because I really don't want to pay 6000yen shipping =O

Alright, I decide to start the G.O and it will end on June 16th western pacific time.

This is the first time I am doing a G.O on a big scale so..bear with me ^^;; 

If your items sell out, you can choose another item or i can refund you. I can only take paypal. I could do a local pick up. I am located in San Francisco.

- please fill out the form
- after group order ends, i invoice you your items + shipping + 5% fee
- please pay withen 2-3 days.
- when I get the items, I will invoice you the shipping from me to you.
- I think when paypal converts USD to YEN, there is a fee, so if it is a bit of money missing, I will split the amount with the other people ordering
- shipping will be split among everyone depending on that they buy.

Hoepfully we wont get hit buy customs since I will have this shipped to my father's work. I never had a problem with big packages being shipped to my father's work place. If we do, It will be split among us depending on what you bought. If you bought JSK you pay a bit more, if you bought headdress, you pay less.

1. Name:
2. LJ name:
3. Paypal address:
4. Link to item(s) you want:
5. Total Cost of items (in Yen):
6. Preference of type of shipping from me to you:

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